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Stream iTunes HD Movies to Home Theater Projector for Playback

Shopping for a suitable and satisfying television can be an overwhelming experience.  Are you feeling that none of other TV sizes listed quite big enough for you? Or maybe you have the right environment condition which is ready to owing the biggest screen for watching? In either case, the answer for you is a home theater projector.

Compared with a TV, a projector is much cheaper and relatively easy to set up. What’s the most important is that you can enjoy HD movies on big screen, at home, with the perfect home cinema set up for any budget. Many people choose to buy a projector, and also there are many brands available to choose, such as Optoma, BenQ, and Epson, etc. When streaming movies to a projector, there comes a question that how to play iTunes HD movies on a projector.

Home theater projector

To make it possible to play iTunes videos on home theater projector, first we should know why iTunes videos cannot stream to home theater projector. iTunes movies and TV shows are strictly protected by Apple FairPlay, which limits iTunes from playing on other non-Apple devices. To unlock such limitation, we need to record iTunes videos and convert iTunes M4V to other regular formats.  

To crack iTunes DRM, we need seek help from third party software. NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus is highly recommended to help transfer iTunes DRM-ed videos to home theater projector for playback.

Features of NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus

  • Extract iTunes purchased and rented M4V videos;
  • Convert iTunes DRM-ed M4V to AAC, MP3, MP4, MOV, ect;
  • Convert iTunes FairPlay DRM protected videos at 20X speed;
  • Keep AC3 5.1 Audi Tracks, Preserve Subtitles & Audio Tracks;
  • Customize Output Video with More Flexibility;
  • Provide Free Upgrade & Keep Up to Date;
Record M4V movies

Tutorial: Play iTunes videos on home theater projector

Step 1: Add Downloaded Movie to NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus

Launch NoteBurner M4V Plus Converter, iTunes will open and flash automatically with it. Then click "Add Movies" button import the iTunes video you want to convert.

Add Movies

Step 2: Custom Output Video According to Your Need

Click the button on the lower left to choose output format. When settting output format as "Same as source for mp4/mov", the iTunes videos can be converted at 20X faster speed with all audio tracks and subtitles kept. While choosing Output format as "Customized XXX Video" would enable you to customize output audio and video parameters.


Step 3: Customize Video and Audio Options

Click the setting icon in the profile tab, there will be a pop-up window available for you to customize output videos and audio parameters manually.

settings for converting m4v movies

Also, you can edit the movie detailed information by clicking the "Edit " button in the end of each added movie. You cab trim the video and only convert the part you need. Also, you can set the tracks, Artwork and meta tags.

Edit Movie

Step 4: Convert iTunes M4V Video

Click "Convert" button to start conversion. Afterthe conversion is done, you can transfer the well converted videos to Home theater projector for enjoying.


Tutorial: How to set up home theater projector?

Step 1 Choose a suitable projector. Higher lumen value is preferable and will mean your image is visible even in bright conditions.

Step 2 Work out optimal placement of the projector.

Step 3 Consider your surround sound system next, along with speaker placement and cable paths. 

Step 4 Choose a screen and blackout curtains, which will ensure you a better visual experience.

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